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We offer a comprehensive range of dental treatments, from root canal to replacement of mercury fillings and all manner of cosmetic dentistry.  


We prefer the term 'restoration' to 'filling' as the fillings we give you are more technique-sensitive and require more care and effort in general than regular amalgams.

The procedure is carried out by means of what we call the latex rubber dam. This is a simple device that prevents particles of debris, old filling, saliva and water entering the mouth while we put in a new filling.  

We use market leaders in composite resin, such as Kerr HRV herculite. These fillings are built up in layers and hardened with a blue light (curing). They are then bonded tightly to the cavity walls (resin bonding).  

Porcelain work – crowns and onlays

For heavily broken down back teeth, we prefer to use porcelain restorations. The new generation of pressed porcelains (inlays, onlays) are super-tough and beautiful. Metal free crowns can also be provided on request.

The emphasis is on strengthening teeth with the most conservative of preparation techniques, ensuring that only a minimum of tooth structure is removed. The right kind of laboratory restoration can be decided upon following a chat with Dr. Andrew White.
Cosmetic work

Dr. White is proud to offer the most advanced cosmetic dentistry in association with the award-winning Reatech dental laboratory. The principal technician, Mr. Steven Rea, has been involved with the television production, '10 Years Younger'.

Porcelain laminate veneers can be provided, correcting discoloured and misshapen teeth in a relatively fast time frame. This is very satisfying work for us, as a new smile is often a life-changing event, restoring or boosting confidence in an instant.

Bleaching is carried out using the ‘home bleaching’ technique. After we’ve had you in for a preparatory or pre-bleaching session, we give you a home kit with instructions. Each course takes about a week and gives you more control over the process. Quick top-ups are simple to do and we recommend about once a year in order to keep your teeth looking bright. Call us now to see whether we are running a discount on this kind of treatment.

We offer a range of acrylic and chrome dentures. We use high-quality enigma teeth and take time to ensure that the patient is satisfied with the appearance before having the dentures finished. Full follow-up is offered, with no limit on how often the patient can return for adjustments. These are encouraged and cost you nothing extra.
Teeth Grinding

For some people night-time grinding and clenching can lead to tooth wear, headaches, migraines and disturbed sleep. Very often ‘grinders’ aren’t even aware that they are grinding – but we can spot the signs from the marks on your teeth. It is very important you don’t let this continue, because you do run the risk of receding gums and bone loss. Some patients even find their jaw joints click uncomfortably sometimes.  

The solution? We simply fit you with a night guard. The night guard fits snugly over the teeth of one arch and works to harmonise jaw activity and relieve this condition. Muscle relaxing techniques are employed to make these devices, which we call 'orthotics'. Dr White learned this technique at the Las Vegas Dental Institute in Las Vegas.

For some patients, the thought of dental treatment fills them with dread. Dr. White has worked hard to develop a painless technique over the years. He uses numbing pastes and progressive anaesthesia whereby only a small area is numbed at a time, followed by a larger area. This takes most of the discomfort out of dental anaesthesia.  

We can also offer you intravenous and inhalational sedation. Small amounts of the sedative hypnovel, similar to valium, are given in the arm (using a tiny butterfly needle). This put the patient in a very relaxed state, after which careful, pain-free dentistry can be provided. Nitrous oxide ('laughing') gas can be used as an alternative, passing via a small rubber hood placed over the nose. Extremely anxious people have been successfully treated using this technique.
Root canal treatment

In some cases, when the nerve is diseased, root canal treatment offers an alternative to extraction. Although this procedure is much joked about in the popular press and portrayed as an experience to dread, the vast majority of these treatments are carried out routinely, rarely causing complications and with high patient satisfaction.  

The key to successful root canal treatment is good anaesthesia; it should be remembered that modern local anaesthetic is powerful and effective. Dr. White asks that any patient who feels apprehension about this issue, or any other, to discuss his or her fears with him in person.   

As you would expect of a modern dental practice, we are compliant with modern sterilization requirements. Instruments are sterilized thoroughly and packaged separately for each individual patient. New Gloves and cups are used for each patient.


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