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Regular check-ups avoid unwelcome surprises

Most of us think to ourselves, “check up at the dentist? It can wait.” Well yes it can. But those who wait sometimes wish they hadn’t. By having regular check-ups you not only keep a check on your teeth, you massively reduce the risk of unwelcome surprises, such as early signs of oral cancer.  

We perform a 15 point health check, which includes teeth, gums, tongue, palate, throat, glands, joints and lining of the mouth and skin.  To keep costs to the minimum Tally Ho offer you an affordable payment plan, so just ask us about that when you next call.  

Your first visit?

If this is your first time at Tally ho, your first appointment is usually a bit longer than subsequent visits. This is so we can catch up on your dental history and, with your consent, take any necessary x-rays.  You should also free to discuss with us any fears or concerns you currently have about your teeth, or treatment you have had or think you might need in the near future. We don’t usually treat you during this first visit, unless of course you are in some degree of pain.   

Think it’s time you got rid of those amalgam fillings of yours?

If you have a history of fatigue or flu-like symptoms after a filling, or you have pronounced symptoms of fatigue, neurological disturbances or muscle aches and you suspect your fillings are the cause, we can give you a blood test, known as the Melisa, which is an antibody test designed to measure the relative sensitivity of a person to mercury or any other metals used in dental restoratives.   

Get that clean mouth feeling with just 30 minutes in the hygienist’s comfy chair

Did you know that medical research has proven there is a link between heart disease and infection in the mouth? Yes, that’s right. In fact, wherever possible most cardiologists insist on good oral health before invasive cardiac procedures are undertaken.  

Our hygienist, Nadia, is very popular with our patients for being gentle and sensitive to everyone’s individual health condition. By going to see her on a regular basis – we recommend, 2- 3 times a year for optimal results – you help stop dental problems in their tracks. Which means, in the long run, you save yourself time and trouble. Plus, you get to leave the practice with a long lasting clean-mouth feeling!

We are connected to the Emergency services, so call us when in trouble

All registered patients of the practice are automatically entitled to use the private Barnet emergency dental service, an independent service consisting of a group of North London dentists, including Dr. Andrew White. We all work on a rota system providing cover every single day of the year.

A modest, flat rate is charged for visits of this nature. Insurance for dental accidents out of London or abroad are covered by our practice membership plan. Ask at reception or contact us for details and we’ll be happy to help you.

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