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Leading specialist in amalgam-free dentistry in North London

The team here at Tally Ho Dental Practice are dedicated to providing all our patients with excellent dentistry, in comfortable surroundings. We are one of the leading practitioners in holistic dentistry, amalgam replacement and mercury-free fillings based in North London.

We also appreciate that improving your smile and overall oral hygiene has a very clear positive impact on both your appearance and your confidence.  

If you are new to Tally Ho, be rest assured that we have been around a little while and our committed team is like one big family that genuinely cares about you.   

We are here to listen to your dental problems. We provide a comprehensive range of dental treatments with an emphasis on prevention and our aim is to get you dentally fit and keep you that way for years to come.  
Dr. Andrew White

Dr. Andrew White qualified from the Royal Dental Hospital in Leicester Square in December 1985. This was the oldest dental hospital in the country and was linked to St George’s Hospital in Tooting where the dental students started their pre-clinical training.  

After thirteen years of NHS and private health dentistry, Dr. Andrew White decided that the only way he could spend more time with individual patients was to go private.   

Early on in his career Dr. Andrew White was alarmed by the toxicity of amalgam fillings and began to take a special interest in the safe removal of amalgam. In 2012 he is to be accredited with the International Association of Medical Toxicology (IAOMT) in the USA.

Meet the Tally Ho Team

Dr. Andrew White works with a highly competent team of three women: Pouran, Dr. White’s assistant, and Nadia, his experienced hygienist, who is well known for her gentle and sensitive teeth-cleaning techniques.

Why you should consider getting rid of your amalgam fillings today

During the late 1990s Dr. White became aware of research that revealed a significant group of patients were becoming contaminated by the mercury that was vaporizing from the surface of their amalgam fillings.    

Although the amounts of mercury that ‘leak’ from amalgam fillings is small, it must be remembered that mercury is extremely toxic, more so than arsenic. The health authority in the UK still continues to claim that amalgam fillings are safe, allowing some precautions for pregnant woman and young children. However, Norway and Sweden banned the use of amalgam in 2008 and there is a substantial lobby in USA currently pressing for a ban as well.    

With so much research pointing to the possible dangers of amalgam fillings, Dr. White takes the view that an alternative restorative process that does not contain mercury is infinitely preferable. He provides full protective protocols for the removal of amalgam as recommended by the IAOMT.  

Dr. White does not guarantee that amalgam replacement will by itself bring about an improvement of a patient’s health. However, it is only reasonable to hope that removal of a potentially toxic substance will improve the long-term health of anyone, assuming all variables are constant.   

Our highly experienced team is here to help, so please call us on 020 8492 0020 or email us at andywhite@tallyhodental.co.uk and invest a little in a winning smile and excellent oral hygiene.  


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